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Ur-Quan Beautifully off-the-wall, yet surprisingly coherent and well thought-out. Catchy, heavy, weird in the best possible way. A full-length is long overdue!
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released June 16, 2014


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Nomiloth Dormagen, Germany

Towering walls of fuzzed-out guitars, soaring melodies, layered vocals, synthetic ambient scapes and oscillating noise, all in down-tuned Doom Metal slowness, that's Nomiloth.

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Track Name: Tide Part I
One day the tide went out
And never came back in again
The sea, the mighty sea
Turned into an endless barren plain

Piers leading nowhere
As sand fills the port
Isolated pools drying
Between abandoned beached boats

Without the ocean
With no ships to guide
The light in the lighthouse
Is not lit in the night

Without the ocean
Life vanished and died
Without the ocean
Without the tide
Track Name: Tide Part II
Open rolling plains
As far as eyes can see
The tall grass rustles softly
Swaying in the breeze

A storm is coming
Distant thunder closing in
Shadows race across the fields
Fields of vibrant green

A landscape like a painting
Dark clouds towering above
An endless emerald ocean
Yet the rough waves do not move

Long gone is the sea
All thats left, standing tall
Is an old crooked lighthouse
On a rock on a small hill

In the sandy soil
Seashells crack with every step
Track Name: Tide Part III
The freshening winds bring
The smell of water and
The taste of electricity

The freshening winds bring
The smell of water and
The taste of electricity
The sound of falling rain

Deafening thunder pounds
Heavy drops burst to spray
The end of the world
Is coming this way

Towering tidal wave
Emitting a high-pitched scream
The end of the world
The end of this world
Is swiftly closing in
Track Name: Tide Part IV
The wall of water collapses
And floods the endless plains
Old crooked lighthouse embraced by
The mighty sea again

It crumbles and falls apart
Sinks into the returned tide

The storm has passed, clouds clearing
Revealing a crescent moon
Bathing the calm seas surface
In an unreal eerie gloom

The lighthouse crumbles and falls apart
Sinks into the returned tide

Emerald waves
That sway beneath the sea

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